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Virtual Proof Services

A virtual proof is a direct digital representation of how your logo looks on the product, it is also the closest approximation of how the final product will appear. A virtual proof is generally done on the templates supplied the distributor/supplier. It helps you review the spelling, imprint color, imprint size, item color and the spacing on fonts. It always comes in a high-quality PDF.

Want to look at a virtual proof before you go for production, let us know. We will place logos onto any of the promotional items to give you a glimpse of what your final product might look like. We also specialize in creating baseball gloves with your team logo should you have a template

  • You can do a quick preflight check before moving to production.
  • You can see the coverage area of your logo on any kind of product.
  • Ability to make quick changes prior to production
  • Expert tip : You can combine a virtual proof with virtual sample to give a professional look to your template.