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Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing for embroidery is transforming pre-existing artwork into an embroidery file, which can run on your embroidery machine, by applying stitches to that artwork in your embroidery software. In otherwords this is tracing the artwork digitally with stitches.

We convert your logos into suitable formats for embroidery digitizing. We can convert raster images, jpegs, pdfs, bitmaps, photos, and text files into most of the formats that are used for embroidery.

  • Rather than offering the writing pad or pan to different people, the digitized embroidery offers you to do better promotion by showing your label on the bags, shirts, and caps, etc.
  • The Embroidery Digitizing service can easily carry any logo over any type of fabric to raise the advertisement of the brand.
  • Embroidery Digitizing apparel that offers you the digitization of the logo and the embroidery on sweatshirts, t-shirts, outwears and ball caps or any other thing.
  • These Embroidery Digitizing services are the best gift to your loved ones as it is easily available within your budget.